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Balance Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Balance Tattoo

Balance Tattoo and Balance Symbols


Balance Symbols

  • Libra is known as a symbol of justice, of measure, of prudence, of balance, because its function corresponds precisely to the weighing of acts.
  • By entering this sign, the Sun is at the midpoint of the astronomical year, and its passage from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere marks the balance between the built edifice and the forces that prepare it for ruin. that of days and nights.
Statue d'une femme avec une balance, symbole de la justice
  • It is represented by a scale with its flail and its two trays, this point of the middle circle around which everything oscillates testifies to the sway between the twilight of an autumn outside and the dawn of an interior spring.
  • At this central point, at equal distance, the two plateaus of motor and brake, of momentum and restraint, of spontaneity and reflection, of abandonment and fear, are equalized. call and recoil before life, we see above all neutralize the contrary forces.
  • From there emerges a world of the mean, the measure, the semitones, the hues and the shades.
  • It is a universe of refinement that we see appearing in the symbolism of the element Air, to the subtle nature.

Une balance posée dur une table


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