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Aries Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Aries Tattoo

Aries Tattoo man and Aries Symbols


Aries Symbols

  • Ardent, male, instinctive and powerful, the ram symbolizes the reproductive force that awakens man and the world and ensures the renewal of the life cycle, in the spring of life as in the seasons, which is why he combines passion and energy. generosity to an obstinacy that can lead to blindness.

Constellation du bélier

  • Zodiacal Aries is the rise of the sun, the passage from cold to heat, from shadow to light; it is the first sign of the zodiac, being located during the 30° from the equinox of the spring.
  • Nature awakens here after the numbness of winter, and this sign symbolizes above all the spring surge, so the impulse, virility (this is the main sign of March), the energy, the independence and courage; positive or masculine sign par excellence.

Couple de béliers

  • The sign of Aries - which the sun crosses every year from March 21 to April 20 - is a symbol intimately linked to the nature of the original fire, it is a cosmic representation of the animal power of fire that arises, shining, explosive, at first time of the event.
  • It is a fire at once creative and destructive, blind and rebellious, chaotic and prolix, generous and sublime, which, from a central point, is diffused in all directions and this igneous force is assimilated to the spurt from the first vitality, to the primitive impulse of life, with what such an initial process has of pure impulse and brute, of eruptive discharge, dazzling, indomitable, of excessive transport, of blazing breath.

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