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Aquarius Symbols and Symbolic

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Aquarius Tattoo

Aquarius tattoo man - Aquarius Symbols


Aquarius Symbols

  • This eleventh sign of the Zodiac is in the middle of the winter term, and it symbolizes collective solidarity, cooperation, fraternity and detachment from material things.
  • His traditional master is Saturn, to whom, after his discovery, Uranus was added.
  • The representative figure of the eleventh sign brings up the noble appearance of an accomplished human being, in the guise of a wise old man carrying, under the arms or on the shoulder, of one or two amphorae, these inclined urns spread the flow water, of which they are filled.

Constellation du Verseau

  • But the liquidity of this flow is all ethereal and ethereal, the fluid nature of the air participating as much as the softened and relaxed nature of the water.
  • This environment invoked here is comparable to the waters of the air diffused by the waves, to the fluid of the aerial ocean where we bathe.
  • This sign of air with aquatic resonance testifies to a nutritive substance more destined to quench the soul than the body; and if the air of Gemini evokes the communication of the spirit, and that of Libra the dialogue of the heart, that of Aquarius poses the world of elective affinities, which make us living beings in a spiritual community and in full sphere universal.

Zodiaque du signe du verseau

  • The sign has been related to Saturn, insofar as the celestial body releases the being from its instinctive chains and releases its spiritual forces on a path of possession.
  • He is also given Uranus as master, who remobilizes the being released into the fire of Promethean power, in order to surpass himself.
  • Faced with the Herculean Lion, we have the Aquarius seraph, and the intimate stuff of this zodiacal type is fluid, light, ethereal, volatile, transparent, all of spiritual clarity, so to speak angelic.
  • It includes the gift of self-detachment accompanied by serenity and self-giving accompanied by altruism, friendly sense, social dedication.
  • There is also a Uranian Aquarius, Promethean, which is the being of the vanguard, progress, emancipation, adventure.

Signe du Verseau


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