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Virtues and properties of onyx agate

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Virtues and properties of onyx agate

Tas d'onyx noirs bruts

  • On the physical level, onyx is a chakra of the throat: it cures the hearing disorders, the tinnitus, attenuates the tinnitus.
  • On the emotional and mental level, it gives self-control, a sense of responsibility and a great driving stability.
  • However, prolonged wear can cause sadness, fear, boredom, gloom.
  • Black Onyx is strongly discouraged for pregnant women.
  • Spiritually, it is a root stone to the earth.
  • It reinforces the individual sense of responsibility and punctuality.

Pierre Onyx noir

Upkeep :

Distilled water possibly salty, lunar light, sun.

Onyx in our collections

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