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Virtues and properties of Malachite Azurite

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Virtues and properties of Malachite Azurite

Symbolizes :

Wisdom. It promotes harmony and protection by serving as a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world.

Pierre d'azurite malachite brute

Virtues and properties :

  • Azurite develops intuition and favors meditative states.
  • It removes anxiety and blockages, and promotes a return to balance, giving more lightness to emotions.
  • It opens the mind to new perspectives.
  • Malachite, meanwhile, is a stone of protection and transformation It teaches us to develop our sense of responsibility.
  • It would have a purifying effect and bring harmony and balance in our life.
  • It would also be a powerful anti-inflammatory.
Pierre d'azurite malachite brute géode


    Distilled water very little time, no salt, on a cluster of quartz, little sun.

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