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Virtues and properties of Citrine

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Virtues and properties of Citrine

Symbolizes :

Good mood, abundance.

Lot de pierres Citrines

Virtues and properties :

  • Citrine is beneficial, generous; it encourages the development of a positive attitude in all areas of life, to see the future with optimism.
  • It is a stone that reassures, relaxes and makes you happy.
  • It gives vitality, energy and dispels worry.
  • It is a powerful regenerator that removes fatigue and depression.
  • Often associated with abundance and wealth, it attracts prosperity and success.
  • It is a solar stone that warms the heart and tones.
  • Associated with a fluorite, it is excellent for concentration, revision of exams, intense intellectual work.

Pierre de Citrine brute - Propiétés et vertus

Upkeep :

Salt distilled water, lots of sun, quartz clusters.

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