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Virtues and properties of Carnelian

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Virtues and properties of Carnelian

Symbolizes :

The joy of living. In ancient times, the carnelian was known to dispel emotions and soothe anger.

Pierre brute de Cornaline - Blogue "Vertus et Propriétés des Pierres

Virtues and properties

  • Carnelian is a tonic stone; it warms up, makes you happy, brings the love of life.
  • It is a powerful stone that gives vitality and energy.
  • Not recommended for tense people.
  • Very useful for concentration, it strengthens the mind, gives motivation and courage, stimulates entrepreneurship, success and creativity.
  • It leads to positive choices by giving self-confidence.
  • It will help confused or distracted people who have trouble finding their way.
  • It is a beneficial stone for procreation, which would absorb negative energies causing blockages.

Pierres brutes de Cornaline - Blogue "Vertus et Propriétés des Pierres

Upkeep :

Salt distilled water, a lot of sun on a cluster of quartz.

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