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Virtues and properties of Aventurine

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Virtues and properties of Aventurine

Symbolizes :

Balance, self-control. Aventurine was very popular in ancient China where it was designated as imperial stone yu and used as a talisman supposed to convey happiness, bliss and vitality.

Pierres roulées aventurine vertes

Virtues and properties :

  • It is the stone of comfort and self-control.
  • It constitutes a general balance, would promote the regeneration of the heart.
  • Associated with a pink quartz, it will have soothing effects and will be suitable for children too excited or people giving up quickly to anger.
  • It is recommended in times of growth, that it regularizes.
  • It would be useful for skin disorders of adolescents, but also for eczema and allergies.
Pierres aventurine vertes


Upkeep :

Salt distilled water, on a mass of quartz, sun.

Pensez à régénérer l'énergie de vos pierres en les déposant régulièrement sur un amas de quartz blanc...

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