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Virtues and properties of Amethyst

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Virtues and properties of Amethyst

Symbolizes :

Sincerity, spirituality. Formerly, the amethyst was attributed to supernatural powers and used as a talisman bringing luck and strength, protecting spells and drunkenness. Incited to sobriety.

Bloc de cristal d'améthyste

Virtues and properties :

  • Amethyst is considered the stone of wisdom, temperance, serenity and balance.
  • It promotes spiritual elevation, clarity of the mind.
  • It acts against the stress, calms the anxieties, is effective to fight against the troubles of the sleep.
  • It relieves headaches, nervous tension, helps fight addictions to alcohol, tobacco, drugs.
  • During meditation, she removes what could distract us and help concentration.

Pierre améthyste brute

Upkeep :

Distilled water, sun, quartz clusters. But purification is rarely necessary.

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