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Virtues and properties of Agate "Blue Lace" or Chalcedony

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Virtues and properties of Agate "Blue Lace"


The art of speech In ancient times, it was used against imbecility and particularly favored verbal expression.

Roche creuse d'agate blue lace

Virtues and properties :

  • Chalcedony is a stone of great gentleness.
  • It helps to cope with difficulties, calm in situations of annoyance, anger.
  • It allows you to express yourself in a more quiet and thoughtful way, promotes the free expression of ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Calcédoine bleue - Agate blue lace brute

  • It is the stone of fine talkers and singers; it gives a pleasant voice, dissolves verbal inhibitions during animated discussions.
  • It reduces hoarseness and is therefore indicated in case of throat problems.
  • It soothes inflammation and respiratory tract infections.
  • It stimulates circulation and the activity of body fluids.
  • It is recommended at the time of menopause, because it would effectively suppress hot flashes, anxiety, hypersensitivity and all disorders felt at this time.


Upkeep :

Distilled water, no salt, on a cluster of quartz, sun.


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